Affirmation Cards for Kids

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Shine Your Light Affirmation Box, includes 25 cards in English or Spanish designed to boost a child's self-confidence. Bonus stickers inside! 



Three generations come together to create these inspiring affirmation cards for children to develop mindfulness tools on how to change their negative thought patterns into positive ones, at the same time impacting overall mental health and well-being. Kids who develop a strong inner-voice can overcome difficulties as they grow up. Mindful kids are more likely to be focused, and have the ability to create their own happiness. Shine Your Light Affirmations gives the opportunity for kids to find their own unique selves and the shining light within them!!

Our affirmation box, created just for kids, provides self-confidence building tools that reaffirm your child's positive inner voice. Create a daily practice as you discuss power words and phrases that your child will carry with them throughout their life. 




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