We are open for BYO container refills and general shopping.
Masks are required and containers will be sanitized at the door and filled for you by a staff member, our bulk bar is closed to public contact. You may wait outside if you do not feel comfortable entering the store. Do not visit the store if you feel unwell or have been in recent contact with someone with COVID 19.


Household Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner- $.30/oz (orange)

Back To Basics Cleaner Than Clean All Purpose Cleaner- $.40/oz

Bathroom Cleaner Gel- $.40/oz

Castile Soap- $.40/oz (lavender, unscented)

Dishwasher Detergent Gel- $.30/oz

Dishwasher Detergent Liquid- $.40/oz

Dishwasher Detergent Powder- $.30/oz 

Dish Soap- $.30/oz (free + clear, pear)

Fabric Refresher- $.30/oz (magnolia + lily)

Glass Cleaner - $.30/oz

Hand Soap- $.30/oz (free + clear, lavender, orange blossom)

Laundry Detergent Liquid - $.30/oz (free+clear, lavender)

Laundry Detergent Nuggets- $.40/each

Laundry Detergent Powder- $.30/oz

Multi- Surface Floor Cleaner- $.40/oz (concentrate 6:1)

Odor/ Stain Remover- $.30/oz

Oxygen Brightener- $.30/oz

Bath and Beauty

Body Wash- $.60/oz (angelica + lavender, cedar + sage, unscented)

Conditioner- $.90/oz (angelica + lavender, lemongrass + sage, rosemary + mint, unscented)

Dry Shampoo Powder- $2.50/oz (light hair, dark hair)

Exfoliating Face Cleanser Mask- $5.00/oz

Face Mask Powders- $4.00/oz (oily skin, sensitive skin)

Face Moisturizer- $.90/oz

Herbal Rosebud Bath Soak- $2.50/oz

Hand Sanitizer Gel- $1.40/oz

Herbal Face Toner- $1.50/oz

Honey Face Cleanser- $5.00/oz

Lotion- $.60/oz (lavender, unscented)

Shampoo- $.90/oz (angelica + lavender, lemongrass + sage, rosemary + mint, unscented)

Sunscreen- $4.00/oz 

Toothpaste Powder- $3.00/oz 

Base Ingredients

Activated Charcoal Powder- $2.50/oz 

Baking Soda- $.40/oz 

Bentonite Clay- $.75/oz 

Coconut Oil

Distilled White Vinegar- $.10/oz 

Epsom Salt - $.40/oz 

Green Clay - $1.40/oz 

Jojoba Oil- $3.00/oz 

Organic Olive Oil- $.90/oz 

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - $.40/oz 

Pink Kaolin Clay - $3.00/oz 


Essential Oils*

Eucalyptus- $8.00/oz 

Lavender- $20.00/oz 

Lemongrass- $10.00/oz (certified organic)

Patchouli- $16.00/oz 

Peppermint- $12.00/oz (triple distilled)

Rosemary- $16.00/oz (certified organic)

Sweet Orange- $6.00/oz (certified organic)

Tea Tree- $9.00/oz 

 *Custom scenting available in store-  $2.00/product 



2oz clear/amber jar= $2

4oz clear/amber jar= $2

8oz mason jar= $4

16oz mason jar= $4

32oz mason jar= $5

64oz mason jar= $6

1 gallon mason jar= $6

2 gallon dispenser jar= $20


2oz clear/amber bottle with pump or mister= $4

4oz clear/amber bottle with pump or mister= $4

8oz clear/amber bottle= $4

16oz clear/amber bottle= $4

32oz clear/amber bottle= $5

64oz clear/amber jug= $6

1 gallon clear jug= $6

Pump/Spray Tops

All sizes 8oz and larger= $2

25 products

25 products