Refill Delivery

To Participate in our Local Refill Delivery program, simply: 

  1. Choose Your Refills. Select your refill items from our local delivery collection and add them to your cart. The minimum order for local delivery is $20.
  2. Select Local Delivery at Check Out. Choose local delivery at Check Out and select delivery date preference. Flat delivery fee is $5 per order.
  3. Receive Your Refills! Place clean bottles outside your doorstep (for returning local delivery customers) and our team member will swap them out for your refills. Reorder whenever you're ready for new refills. 


  • First time Bottle Fill: Cost includes bottle and product
  • Refill/Bottle Swap: We swap out your previously delivered bottle for a new bottle & product
  • Donated/Recycled Jar: We pull from our community jar donations and fill them with the applicable product weight

    Our Refill Delivery products are ONLY available in qualifying zip codes in the South Bay and Reno. The remainder of our products on our site are available for both local delivery and nationwide shipping. If you live outside of the South Bay or Reno and would like to inquire about home delivery please contact us at Store pickup available for all products.

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