Ebb + Flow Shampoo Native Flower Bath Soak Packet

Native Flower Bath Soak Packet

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a flower bath for when cleansing, and alignment are what you crave

salt is essential in my life, and pink salt, well that’s just magic. the power of salt to cleanse, taste, and rid us of toxins is incomparable. a lot of our line is about ridding yourself of others’ energies in order to calibrate to your truth. Native Flower is a low impact product - all herbs are grown natively, the jars are made in the USA and sourced locally, and a little pinch goes a long, long way.

you deserve this.


geranium essential oil kisses and coats the pink salt with a calming sweet essence. native/organic rose, cornflower, chamomile, geranium, and lavender dance with the salt and float in your bath for an active floral steam.