Beeswax Taper Candles

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Hand-dipped small batch taper candles created by Happy Organics. Made of 100% pure beeswax made from the honey Happy Organics bees consume. 

Includes Two 6-inch Beeswax Tapers. 

About Happy Organics: 

Founder Jessica Gonzalez is a chicana entrepreneur and third-generation beekeeper. She received her degree in Computer Science, specializing in sustainable farming and agriculture. Inspired upon returning to her family farm, Jessica developed innovative and regenerative farming principles to make wellness and honey products that would benefit those around her. Jessica’s love for bees, farming, and technology culminated when Happy Organics was founded in 2018, now offering more than 20 happy products and located at several stores, big and small, nationwide!

Honey bees are fascinating little beings that work in tandem to ensure the well-being of their colony as a whole and Happy Organics Farm in turn works hard to ensure that the bees will not only survive, but thrive on their own long after we are gone. The team at Happy Organics is constantly researching and on the lookout for ways to improve the bees' homes and well-being. Very recently, Happy Organics planted thousands of wildflower seeds in order to attract more native pollinators and give their honey bees safe, reliable, chemical-free, and nutritionally-rich food/resources. Happy Organics farm strives to be as sustainable as possible and always puts their honey bees first, never taking more than the honey bees can give and thrive.

Made Of:

 Beeswax, Cotton wick


  1. Light with a match or lighter
  2. Reuse until the candle reaches the end of the wick
  3. Any remaining wax can be used to make a balm or polish.

Burn Time: 6 hours each taper.