Individual Reusable Facial Rounds

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The Waste Less Shop's reusable facial rounds are an environmentally friendly, zero-waste staple for your daily skincare routine.

Made Of:

Black Cotton - good for removing dark eye makeup or applying facial toner.

White Bamboo Terry - soft, textured surface better removes hard to clean makeup or works well to apply exfoliating cleanser.


Store clean pads in a mason jar or other vessels. Wet pad with micellar cleansing water, eye makeup remover, or cleanser of choice. Gently rub skin until fully cleansed.  Can wash with color-safe bleach to remove residual makeup if desired.  Pads can be re-used for up to two years!



Will replace all of the cotton balls or pads you use on a daily basis.




Please recycle or compost at the end of life.