Refillable Dough Bowl Candle

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The Waste Less Shop has collaborated with Kin Candle to create a refillable dough bowl candle that is made to order by Andrew and B in any scent you choose! Pre-order now, candles will be available for nationwide delivery or pickup 2 weeks after order is placed.

The dough bowl can be cleaned and infinitely refilled! Kin has created a 16oz refill pitcher that has enough wax to yield about 2 refills in the bowl. We recommend bundling the dough bowl and refill pitcher for ultimate savings. When purchased as a bundle, you get about 3 candles worth for $80 or $26 each, this is only $2 more than Kin's original glass jar candles but the style is next level! 

KIN Scent Descriptions

Moon Milk- Best Seller!

- ambient and glowing. This scent is a soothing blend of creamy coconut milk and playful tropical aromas. Light this candle and transport yourself into another world of relaxation.

Notes: Creamy coconut milk, tropical vacation, relaxing


- bright and stimulating, like a freshly sliced grapefruit on a warm summer morning. Zesty notes of citrus peel balanced with subtle sweetness, this scent is positively energizing.

Notes: Zesty citrus peel, warm summer mornings, energizing

Cranberry Harvest- Our Favorite for the Holidays!

Cozy and rustic. Warm your home with the aroma of tart cranberries and a pinch of cinnamon spice. Light this candle at the dining table and gather your friends.

Notes: Tart cranberries, pinch of cinnamon spice, rustic

Forest Moss- Our Founder's Favorite

- grounded and vivacious, like wandering an earthy trail under the canopy of ancient Big Sur redwoods. This scent is a breath of fresh air reconnecting the mind with the natural world.

Notes: Earthy redwoods, damp forest air, grounding

Manhattan Beach

- Laid-back and sunny. Head to the beach with fresh aromas of sea salt, sandalwood, and citrus peel. Light this candle to stir up memories of summer mornings spent cruising the Strand.

Notes: Sandalwood and citrus, beachy sea salt, laid-back

Cabin Hideout- Most Popular Scent In Store Right Now!!

- Cozy and romantic. Light your fantasy, turn off your phone, and escape to a secret cabin hideaway. This candle pairs well with a crackling fireplace, bottle of merlot, and the embrace of your lover. Seductive notes of tobacco, cedar wood, and vanilla.

Notes: Tobacco and vanilla, cedarwood cabin, seductive


- complex, elegant, and sultry. When lit, luxurious and woody aromas of aged teak and amber warm the room. Light it at home and curl up with a good book.

Notes: Aged teak and amber, wood paneled library, elegant



- youthful and purifying. This scent channels the natural mood-enhancing qualities of traditional Japanese matcha into an exotic, subtle aroma with a lingering sweetness. Once lit, faint floral notes emerge filling the room with a vigorous spirit.

Notes: Subtly sweet matcha, bright mornings at home, invigorating


- Uplifting and renewing. Step out of the Honolulu airport and breathe in the sweet dewy island air. This scent transports you to paradise with the exotic notes of plumeria flowers found in traditional Hawaiian leis.

Notes: Hawaiian lei flower, sweet island air, uplifting


Beach Bonfire

- Carefree and nostalgic. Light this candle and instantly go back to those blissful summer nights around the bonfire. The laughter and good tunes were endless, and the warm aromas of crackling firewood, salty air, coconut sunblock clung to your hair and skin. This candle is summer love, recaptured.

Notes: Crackling firewood, salt and coconut, nostalgic


Mountain Aurora

- Complex and alluring. This atmospheric blend of juniper and fir is inspired by the Northern Lights. As it warms the room, subtle sweet base notes of tobacco and vanilla are revealed.

Notes: Juniper and fir, majestic mountain air, alluring

Monterey Cypress

Mystical and adventurous. This scent is inspired by road trips north to the twisting cypress trees that line central California’s coast. Escape city life with a scent bathed in sea mist, driftwood smoke, and cypress tree resin.

Notes: Misty cypress trees, salty driftwood, adventurous


Golden Spice

- Healing and energizing. The zesty aroma of eastern herbal remedies will jumpstart your day and enhance your mood. This golden elixir combines spice notes of ginger, saffron, lemon, and amber.

Notes: Spicy ginger, lemon, saffron, and amber, cleansing

Moon Bloom

- Sweet and seductive. Inspired by the nocturnal jasmine blossoms that perfume LA’s neighborhoods with musky sweetness. This springtime scent refuses to be upstaged by any other smell LA can throw at it. Floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle.

Notes: Jasmine and honeysuckle, sweet floral musk, revitalizing