Silicone Straw- Pack of 4

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Say goodbye to single-use plastics with this silicone straw pack of 4! Reusable and comfortable on the lips, these soft straws let you sip without the guilt. The perfect eco-friendly choice for everyday use. This 4 pack comes with all of Sukk's unique colors. I mean isn't variety the spice of life? Extremely flexible and great for the whole family!

Pack Includes 4 x BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Straws

Matte Black - Straight

Matte Mother of Pearl - Straight

Matte Clay - Bent

Matte Blush - Bent

9" in length

Portable Cleaning Brush

From Re-usable Straws, Recycled Paper packaging, to 100% Compostable Shipping Bags, we care about sweet Mother Earth.