Terroir Herbals Tranquil Heart Tincture

Tranquil Heart Tincture

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INTENTION: This blend was formulated to address chronic stress, emotional stress, and overall heart health. Take daily or when you need to chill out, calm down, and ease your worried mind.

RITUAL: Shake gently. Adults take 1.75 ml (approximately 1/3 of a dropper) with included measuring dropper 3 times daily. Add a dropper-full to still or sparkling water, juice or tea. 

A note on tinctures: Herbs in liquid form are potent and can be quite bitter or medicinal tasting. If the strong flavor is just too much for you, but you still want the benefits, try adding your tincture to a warm or cold beverage.


 *these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Fresh Milky Oat tops* (Avena Sativa), Hawthorn Leaf & Flower* (Crataegus laevigata), Lemon Balm* (Melissa officinalis) grain alcohol, distilled water, wild rose glycerite.(*locally grown in Reno, NV)

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) ~ Emotional Stress support

“Plant of the bees” is a nervine that is especially helpful for those who tend to fall victim to anxiety. A nervine acts on the nervous system to reduce overactive stress responses and help return the body to a resting state.

HAWTHORNE (Crataegus monogyna,) ~ Heart Health

I consider this one of winter’s gifts to us and to animals. Hawthorne is a small thorny tree in the rose family that produces small fruits that resemble apples. These fruits hang onto their branches into the winter months. Hawthorne is a rare example of a plant used world wide for both food and medicine. Its heart supporting berries and leaves are used to increase blood flow to the heart, strengthen the heart muscles without increasing the beat or raising blood pressure, and supporting overall circulation. For this blend the flowers and leaves were used due to their ability to aid the heart and their uplifting energetics.

MILKY OATS (Avena sativa) ~ Chronic Stress

Just like its name suggests milky oats come from the same plant as one of the most common kitchen staples, oatmeal. Milky Oat tops are harvested during a very short window of the plants life before the grain sets. One of the traits that make this plant so viable is that it is a trophorestorative (an herb that restores nourishment) for the nervous system, making it an important resource for adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Please note that if you struggle with a gluten intolerance there is a chance you will have an adverse reaction to avena. Oats do NOT contain gluten but contain a molecule (avenin) which are similar in protein structure to gluten.


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