Brooke Walshaw, Terrior Herbals

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Brooke Walshaw, Terrior Herbals

Welcome to the first edition of "Behind the Brand," where we share inspiring insights from the passionate creators and entrepreneurs who make The Waste Less Shop an incredible hub for sustainable business. Today, we are thrilled to feature Brooke Walshaw, the owner and heart behind Terrior Herbals. Nestled in our beloved brick-and-mortar storefront, Terrior Herbals is a testament to Brooke's dedication to crafting high-quality herbal medicines and foods that nourish both body and soul while honoring the earth it comes from.

In the following interview, we'll uncover the journey, inspirations, and philosophies of Brooke, whose commitment to natural wellness and sustainable practices has made a significant impact in our community. Each Terroir Herbals product is not just a commodity, but a piece of Brooke's passion and expertise.

What role does the environment and sustainability play in inspiring the ethos and products of Terroir Herbals?

Terroir is the concept that the land from which the plants are grown imparts a unique quality that is specific to that growing site; climate, soil, and terrain affect the flavor of the things grown and produced. Terroir Herbals focuses on using herbs and plants that have adapted to survive in the Sierra Nevada High Desert.   We work closely with farmers and land stewards in our bioregion to source the highest quality ingredients at the peak of their season. Terroir Herbals acknowledges that we are on the lands of the Washoe and Paiute people. Terroir Herbals is supported by these native lands and the tribal peoples that continue to live and work among us today. Terroir Herbals commits to honoring the land and its Indigenous stewards by tending to the space with reverence and respect. Our supply chain is interdependent with our ecosystem and farming partners, which means we are forever in tune with the seasons and are not always in stock. 

   - Can you share a favorite personal memory or experience related to nature that influences how you run your business?

Many of the herbs used in Terroir Herbals products are grown by myself at Loping Coyote Farms in Reno. Loping Coyote is a small scale permaculture farm. One of the many tenets of permaculture is the system of planting in “guilds”. A permaculture guild is a group of plants that work together to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. Each plant has a unique role to play, from providing shade and nutrients to fixing nitrogen in the soil. I look to many of these guilds for my herbal formularies. One of my favorite examples is what I call the “womb time” corner. This small section of the farm boasts many allies for reproductive health such as yarrow, red raspberry, stinging nettle, motherwort and more. 

- Among the products we carry, which one is your favorite and why does it stand out to you? Are there any specific ingredients or components that make it extra special?

Mushroom Spruce Maple syrup. This product is such a sweet and savory treat. It’s composed of organic maple syrup, cinnamon, wildcrafted turkey tail mushrooms, lions mane mushrooms, and fresh spruce needles. Turkey tail is great for the immune system and lions mane are renowned for their cognitive support. The spruce comes from my mother’s trees and the lions mane is grown by my dear friend Nate at Mountain Mushrooms (he’s one of our region's only certified organic mushroom farmers!). 

   - When you're not working, what's your favorite earth-friendly activity or hobby?

As a Reno native I love walking the steamboat ditch trail with my dog and enjoying the wildness of the canyons. The hybridization of wild and domesticated plants that have gone “feral” are awe inspiring. The desert may seem stark to most outsiders but the resiliency of life is never more prevalent than in these landscapes. 

  - What are your hopes and dreams for your business?

As an herbalist my biggest goal is to share my knowledge and passion for plants. It wasn’t long ago that we reached for plant medicine before a bottle of pills in our medicine cabinet. I dream of a world where we can incorporate herbalism and modern medicine in our daily lives. We all deserve to have an herbalist back in every household! 

You can experience the transformative power of herbal remedies by exploring our collection of Terrior Herbals here, visiting us in store, or shopping directly on her webstore at

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