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Frequently Asked Questions

how does the pricing work?

Products are priced by weight, you only pay for what you buy. Try a little or stock up in bulk for extra savings.


Many of our bulk products are locally made by small businesses, their bulk products are most cost effective than if you were to buy the equivalent in their packaging. Supporting a small local maker can be more expensive than shopping at a department store, but if you have the ability, it can change the fabric of our society. Our concentrated products are generally less expensive than their big box counterparts.

Bringing your own container or using one of our donated containers will save you money vs. buying a new container.

Are your products safe?

We source products that are plant-based, non-toxic, free of parabens, phlalates, artificial colors and fragrance and known carcinogens. Many of our products are fragrance-free and scented with essential oils.

why don't you ship bulk goods?

Striving for sustainability is our number one priority, due to the widespread availability of products like laundry detergent and dish soap, we recommend purchasing one of our solid alternatives with a smaller footprint or researching local products in your area. We are happy to process custom orders for hard to find items or lightweight products, just email us at!

Can i bring in my old plastic containers?

Yes! The best product is the one that already exists! Refilling an empty plastic laundry detergent container 100 times is more sustainable than buying a new glass jug, we don't judge giving plastics a second, third, fourth, or ninth life, we encourage it!

DO YOU OFFER bulk for my business or vacation rental?

Yes! Email us at for information about our business and vacation rental discounts!

I have a product request!

We love finding new products and makers to highlight in our stores! Please email us your recommendations to