Stainless Steel Safety Razor

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The Albatross Flagship Butterfly razor is not just beautiful; it performs flawlessly. With a similar length to Albatross Basic razors, the Flagship is slightly heavier for added durability and a better shave. Additionally, the Flagship razor is highly polished to ensure long lasting protection from any potential corrosion.  

This is our recommended model for most people as it handles every shaving situation well, will last a long time, and truly feels awesome to hold and use.  
Key Highlights:

  • For MEN AND WOMEN & all shaving needs
  • Over-built components for durability
  • High-polished finish to protect from corrosion
  • Quality Happiness Guaranteed
  • Zero Plastic Waste and Blade Take Back Program
  • Comes with 10 free blades and hemp razor bag
  • Replacement Blades only $.20 each
  • ~3.5" in length