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Join The Membership to support our mission for responsible consumption and enjoy exclusive offers + gifts while you are at it!

The Breakdown

- Free shipping on all orders

-10% off all orders, can't be combined with storewide sales/ discounts

-4x/year seasonal gift with purchase ($80 value)

-Free concentrate kit at signup- includes, AP Cleaner, Glass, and Floor Cleaners ($96 value)

-Tree planted in Member's name with certificate

-$120/year ($10/month, billed annually)

The Membership helps advance our mission while putting money back in your pocket with every online order +refill visit. The Membership makes a GREAT gift (actually, it's more like 5 gifts throughout the year) for someone just dipping their toes into sustainable living, someone who LOVES our shop, or someone you know values sustainability, but is just hard to shop for!


Q:Will this replace your rewards program?

A:YES, our SmileRewards program cost changed from $0/month to $200/month in September, which is why we will be discontinuing SmileRewards as of Dec 31, 2023. Customers can choose to redeem remaining points on orders or transfer rewards points towards The Membership. However, points cannot be combined with Membership benefits. If you would like to use your SmileRewards points as a credit toward your membership in lieu of the 20% discount, please email for rewards account balance and unique coupon code.

Q: How do I gift this to someone?

A: When you reach checkout, fill in the recipient's information (name, email address) for customer shipping information instead of your own, then enter your billing and card information. If you would like to gift this at a later date, please email us before placing your order and we can delay the notification.

Q: How will I receive my gifts?

A: Your sign up gift will be mailed or available for store pick up within 1 month of signup. Your seasonal gifts will be available on our website quarterly, you can add this gift to your cart with any other product purchase and it will be discounted 100% at checkout.

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: You can cancel your membership at any time if you choose not to renew after 1 year, you will continue to be able to redeem benefits until the following renewal year. Memberships are non-refundable.

Q: Why should I become a member?

A: As a (very) small business, we have to work REALLY hard to survive in today's world with sky high commercial rents and rising costs of doing business while competing against massive corporations with million dollar marketing budgets. Your support helps us with the up front capital to sustainably advance our mission, continue to provide living wages and benefits to our team, AND your $120 membership fee will return over $125 in gifts PLUS 10% off every order + free shipping- it's truly a win win!

Q:Does the membership renew automatically?

A: Yes the membership will annually renew so there is no interruption in benefits, if you choose to cancel you must do so manually in your account before your 1 year anniversary.

Any other questions? Email us at