Intention Setting For A Waste Less New Year

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Intention Setting For A Waste Less New Year



With the start of a new year it’s always nice to look back and see how far you have come. Although 2020 sucked in a lot of ways for the majority of people around the world, there were some wins for the environment. Both Virginia and Rhode Island committed to 100 percent renewable energy; New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the strongest single-use plastics ban in the United States in November; and Congress passed the Great American Outdoors Act

Here at The Waste Less Shop we did our part for the planet by planting 4,000 trees, and diverted over 6,000 bottles of shampoo, over 330,000 plastic bags, and over 2,500 laundry jugs from landfills.  All of that and more was made possible by the purchases by all of YOU. So thank you for choosing to support a small sustainable business and for choosing to do your part for the planet. 


Now that 2020 is over, it is time to start thinking about 2021. Instead of setting resolutions we prefer to set intentions for the year. Setting intentions with developed thoughts behind them helps us to approach ourselves with kindness and stick to the goals we wish to achieve.

Here’s how we are setting our environmental intentions in 2021. Take a moment and answer each of these to develop your own environmental intentions for the new year. 

What do you value most?

At The Waste Less Shop, we value caring for the planet the most. Because we have become so evolved, it is often taken for granted that everything we have, from food, shelter, and life itself comes from the earth and wouldn’t exist without it. 

What does your life look like when you are embodying these values? 

Life feels fulfilled and aligned when we are prioritizing care for the planet. There is more joy in each moment and deeper connection to ourselves. 

How do you act on a daily basis?

We work to uplift and inspire each other every day. We strive for progress, not perfection. We take small steps daily that collectively create great forward momentum. 

What do you consider when making purchases? What do you want to consider?

We prioritize purchasing products that are sustainably sourced and packaged without plastics, manufactured by small female owned businesses, free of toxins and harsh chemicals. We want to purchase products that will support massive change in the culture of consumption. 



With this awareness of what you really want for your eco-friendly lifestyle, turn your thoughts into different positively phrased intentions. You can use these as a starting point. 

  • I want... 
  • I desire... 
  • I intend... 
  • I am... 
  • I will... 
  • I am open to... 
  • I activate my ability to... 
  • To develop…
  • To create…
  • To allow myself…

  • It’s important to remember that being a part of a low waste lifestyle does not mean you need to be perfect. If all of us try our best we can make the greatest difference in the fight against pollution, waste, and climate change. 

    Here are our 2021 Intentions:

    I am open to creating massive change in the culture of consumption.

    I desire for people and the planet to coexist in an environment centered around health and sustainability. 

    I will work to inspire and uplift those around me to take small steps toward sustainability in their lives. 

    I want to support businesses prioritizing green practices, promoting justice, and encouraging innovation. 

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