Kitchen Compost Bin

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Let's send less to the landfill! Convert your own organic waste into compost to enrich the soil in your backyard. All pieces are made from biodegradable bamboo fiber. Dishwasher safe, do not microwave.

Replacement charcoal filters sold separately. Made from biodegradable bamboo fiber.

Dishwasher safe.  

The Bamboozle composter is a sleek counter-top bin that allows you to transport your organic waste to either an outdoor compost pile, or to a local community compost facility. The filtered lid helps to keep out any unwanted smells, and the bamboo handle allows for easy carrying. A variety of different color options ensure that whatever your style, it will look great in any kitchen setting. The compost bin is made from our biodegradable bamboo fiber that is dishwasher safe, making any clean-up a breeze.


8” x 6.25” x 9”


Place food scraps in bin, empty daily into backyard compost or community compost bin. Freeze if emptying weekly. Dishwasher safe. 

Avoid/limit if transferring to vermiculture compost:

  • Dairy products including butter, cheese, milk, sour cream, and yogurt
  • Condiments, dressings, or sauces
  • Cooked leftovers
  • Fat, grease, or oils of any kind
  • Grains of any kind, cooked or uncooked
  • Meat or meat waste products, including fish and poultry, bones, fat, gristle, or skin
  • Processed foods such as bread, candy, chips, crackers, or pasta
  • Takeout and fast foods



• Recyclable, Biodegradable, and Plastic-free

• Product Materials: Biodegradable, Vegan, and Nontoxic

• Production: Sustainably sourced