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Love this product! Tons of lather, no waste, makes my hair softer than my insanely expensive beauty shop shampoo!- Kathy C.


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Our #1 best selling Shampoo Bars pack the power of three bottles of high quality shampoo in one bar, that's over 70 washes! Our customers love the non-drying lather and how easy the bar is to work into all areas of even the thickest hair. Great for all hair types- even color treated hair, and kids love them!

"I am in love with the Shampoo Bar! I buy the citrus scent and it smells so fresh and natural. Lots of suds, which is great! Its the only package free shampoo I’ve found that gets the job done and makes my hair feel silky smooth. Love, love, love. Never using traditional store bought shampoo again!- Savannah S.


Wet hair and rub the bar in circular motions around your scalp. Rub bar in between hands and set bar down on our Bamboo Soap Dish or another well draining surface where it can dry between uses. Use your fingers to work the shampoo into a good lather on your scalp.

You may find the first time you use a shampoo bar, your hair will feel different – in a good way! Allow several washes for hair to adjust to bar.


Base Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Coco Sulfate


  • ROSE GERANIUM: Calamine Powder, Rose Geranium Essential Oil
  • EARTH: Blue Mica, Green Mica, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil
  • SUNSHINE: French Yellow Clay, Blend of Wild Orange, Palmarosa, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils.
  • ROSEMARY MINT: French Green Clay, Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils.
  • LAVENDER: Indigo Powder, Lavender Essential Oil.
  • UNSCENTED: No Clay, No Essential Oils


Environmental Savings- Each bar removes 3 bottles of plastic from landfill

Economical- Each bar saves $24 vs traditional bottle at same price.

End of Life

Bar is 100% biodegradable

Packaging- None! (Your bar may come wrapped in some 100% post consumer recycled paper we received from incoming inventory and may have small a piece of 100% recyclable Kraft tape, you can compost, reuse, or recycle that!


Our bar is loved by customers because it doesn't leave their hair heavy and gunky like other shampoo bars can!


Our bars are scented with essential oils without any toxins or endocrine disruptors that fragrances can contain. French clays are used to color the bars naturally.


Our bars pack the equivalent of THREE bottles of shampoo in each bar- that's the financial equivalent of buying a $5 bottle- but without the plastic waste!

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