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Description: Pair this with our reusable candle jar for a waste-free candle experience! Ingredients: 100% natura...
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Pair this with our reusable candle jar for a waste-free candle experience!


  • 100% natural soy wax
  • vegan
  • non-toxic & phthalate-free
  • pet friendly
  • cruelty-free
  • 7.1 oz candle (burn time up to 35 hours)


Palmera Oasis: notes include: sea salt, freesia, orange, light musk, amber, and tonka bean

Encompassed by the lush vegetation and vibrant flowers surrounding your soothing bath, you let your body sink deeper into the water. This delightful blend of tropical notes induces a sense of joy and harmony.

Citronella Nights: notes include: citronella, lemon peel, camphor, and lemongrass

Enhanced Aroma = Crafted with the same beloved fragrance, but with a more powerful scent. Perfect for lighting outdoors! Under the vast open sky, you watch the stars twinkle in the darkness, enveloped in the clean scent of citronella. This candle transforms your outdoor gatherings into bug-free havens, preserving the magic of the night.

Orange Spritz: notes include: orange, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, and pomegranate

Savoring the invigorating zesty essence, you leisurely sip on a refreshing citrus beverage topped with orange slices. This zesty aroma brightens your senses and fills you with energy for the rest of your day.

Sunkissed Peach: notes include: peach, pear, papaya, green leaves, tonka bean, and lime

Basking in the golden glow of summer, you're embraced by the irresistible fragrance of sun-kissed ripe peaches. This sweet, vibrant aroma ignites pure joy, infusing each moment with its luscious fruity essence.

Lavender Bliss: notes of lavender, camphor, eucalyptus, cedar, and bergamot

Resting at a luxury spa getaway, you close your eyes and breathe in the gentle aroma of the fresh lavender fields around you. This tranquil scent transports your mind and body to a state of pure relaxation.

Vanilla Colada: notes of vanilla, coconut, sugar, buttercream, and sandalwood

As the morning sun shines into your room, you snuggle into your blanket and breathe in the creamy scent of vanilla with a hint of coconut. This warm, comforting scent softens your mind and sets a restful tone for the day. 

Glacial Pine: notes of  pine, eucalyptus, cypress, tonka bean, and cedarwood 

Experience the tranquil embrace of a snow-dusted woodland forest. This scent brings the rejuvenating aroma of pine trees, a touch of eucalyptus, and the grounding presence of cypress groves into your home.

Mellow Breeze: notes of sea salt, lemon, orange, jasmine, violet, and cedarwood

Watching as the waves crash gently upon the shore, you feel the clean, crisp air lightly mist your face. A rejuvenating mix of citrus and ozone, this scent brings brightness and peace to any room.

Midnight Orchard: notes of apple, pear, green leaves, vanilla, and cedarwood  

On a cool, crisp night you look up at the crescent moon as it shines over the orchard. This scent brings the aroma of hand picked apples and a freshly poured cup of cider right into the comfort of your home.

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